My Transparent Blog- all edited by me! (Images are not mine)
Transparent Mjolnir smashed through your desktop screen! Marvel’s Thor
Dancing Transparent Mabel; Disney’s Gravity Falls
She has a transparent jumper and head band- drag to see!
Transprent Jelsa for your blog!
As requested- Transparent Snowflakes drag to see<3
Transparent Eyemakeup to match your blog
My favouritist food in the world…. Transparent Reeses Pieces on your blog
Semi Transparent Eye-Makeup from Catwalks
Drag to see!
Transparent Olaf doing.. whatever Olaf does, on your blog
Disney Frozen
Transparent Cheshire cat grinning on your blog <3
From Disney and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Transparenttrash Update-

Hello Lovely followers, 

As you may notice, my new semi-transparent edits look kind of funny as they appear on your dashboard. A bit…. blocked white you might say. But this is all a new editing technique I’m using that makes the blog colour appear more vibrant. In comparison, you may notice my older edits to be more greytoned, and detailed. Here, the details are mainly transparent gradients of white, which appear honestly more effective.

Hence I ensure you that my edits are just as fab, so don’t worry. 

In saying that, if your blog has white post backgrounds, the edits are probably not going to look as interesting.

As always, send in requests, and have a lovely day!

Transparent Anjelina Joli as Maleficent, Disney